MTM Waraksa

Dairy sector

Production lines and equipment for the dairy industry

In order to improve production, we offer production lines and equipment of such companies as Mlecz-Masz and FB Mont for companies operating in the dairy industry on the Eastern market. You can buy new and used equipment. The Mlecz-Masz company offers a 12-month warranty for new machines and a 6-month warranty for used machines. The machines of Mlecz-Masz and FB Mont will improve production processes and ensure that production reaches a level that meets European and world standards.

Packing machinese

Machines and construction are made of materials certified by the National Institute of Hygiene and come from the best type of steel – stainless steel. These machines are suitable for packing liquid, semi-liquid and pasty products such as: cream, yoghurt, homogenized cheese, processed cheese, granulated curd cheese, pates, ice cream, mayonnaise, ketchup, fish, meat and vegetable salads, etc. and other products of similar consistency.

* At the Customer’s request, it is possible to adapt the packing machines to pack products in sterile air, provide C.I.P. washing and provide different size of cups and covers.



PAC – 50

The machine is made of stainless steel. Its construction ensures microbiological purity of packaging. Foil removal is supported by ultraviolet radiation disinfection. The PAC50 machine packs non-carbonated liquids and welded bags made of polyethylene or metallized foil. It is used to pack milk, buttermilk and cream. It can also be used outside the dairy industry to fill bags with drinking water, distilled water, juice and other liquids. It is possible to adapt the machine to pack semi-liquid products such as high-fat cream or mayonnaise.


LPC – Packing machine

This is a production line intended for automatic packaging of liquid and semi-liquid products in plastic or glass bottles, closed with a press-on or screw-on cap. All materials used in the machine are certified by the National Institute of Hygiene.

FB - Mont machines and equipment for the Dairy Industry

The FB -Mont company specializes in the renovation and modification of packaging machines for the dairy industry. In addition, it offers the sale of used machines, production lines and dairy industry machines that meet European standards.

We provide and prepare the following lines and machines:

  1. Milk, cream, whey pasteurization lines – rotation and pasteurization systems with different capacities, equipped with milk separators and milk or cream pasteurization systems.
  2. Bowl thermizers – used in the production of cottage cheese, yoghurt, kefir, processed cheese, pastes, sauces, dressings, as well as meat pates and pastes – hot or cold.
  3. Processing lines – used for the production of Philadelphia-type cheese, hard cheese, curd cheese and other cheese.
  4. Multi-row rotary vacuum packing machines.
  5. Table and row packing machines for cups.
  6. Automatic bucket packaging machines
  7. Nitrogen-based machines for aerating and foaming of dairy products.
  8. Different capacity deaerators for milk and cream.
  9. Milk tank trucks with receiving devices.
  10. Stationary milk collection machines.

The lines are fully equipped with new or used elements, adapted to the production features of the dairy plant:
– self-cleaning degreasing milk separators,
– whey degreasing separators,
– whey deproteinization separators,
– Philadelphia cheese separators,
– homogenized cheese separators,
– other separators for dairy plants.

Bacterial culture vaccines

They play a significant role in the production process of dairy products.

Deep-frozen bacterial culture vaccines are used in the process of milk fermentation. They are used for the production of cheese, yoghurt, curd and other dairy products. Thanks to deep-frozen bacteria, these products are full-value products and have a better taste. Improper use of bacteria can lead to product spoilage. It is very important to use bacterial strains from proven sources in the production process.


The role of stabilizers is to allow the combination of substances that do not combine in the natural environment.

The use of stabilizers affects the quality of dairy products. They prevent sugar stratification or crystallisation in production, transport or storage of dairy products