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RAMBO energy drink

RAMBO energy drink is produced in European high-technology factories based on a recipe developed in Switzerland by FUEL +. It is intended for active people who need additional energy. It contains natural extracts of exotic berries and fruits, as well as vitamins, essential in everyday life. It enjoys excellent aroma and taste. The energy drink does not contain genetically modified ingredients, artificial dyes and preservatives.

These drinks are available in European supermarkets, fitness centers, gyms. Soon you will be able to buy them in Africa. The purest water and natural caffeine are used for the production of the drink. RAMBO production is subject to strict quality control. As a result, you have a guarantee that it is a full-value drink.

SThe RAMBO series is available in a few flavours:

Rambo drink ingredients: water, sugar, carbon dioxide, citric acid, acidity regulator: sodium citrate, taurine (0.25%), aroma, caffeine (0.032%), guarana extract (0.01%), vitamins: niacin, B6, B12; dyes: E129, E133.

When buying drinks, we offer gadgets that help encourage Customers to buy and display the product. Depending on the number of drinks purchased, we add: posters, stands, t-shirts, hats, glowing ice cubes, rollups, pneumatic balloons, drink cooling gadgets, cars.