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Wind energy

Wind energy comes from a source which does not emit pollution. The price of energy produced by wind farms may be lower than the price of energy from a thermal power plant if the atmospheric conditions are optimal. Technological progress makes wind farm energy production cheaper.

The share of renewable energy must increase up to 20% of all energy produced by Poland. It is assumed that about 47% of clean energy will come from wind farms. These requirements are specified in EU Directive 2009/28/EC

The government allocates subsidies for energy production from renewable sources. Companies which own energy networks are obliged to purchase energy from renewable sources in the first place. However, financial penalties are imposed on traditional energy producers, for example, coal-based power plants bear the costs of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

MTM Sp. z.o. o. is the owner of a wind turbine in Liciszewy. If you are interested in buying wind energy, please contact us.